Jiří Kolář - Fine artist, poet

Jiří Kolář


Born 09.24.1914 in Protivín, died 08.11.2002 in Prague
1928 - 1942 After the apprenticeship he tries in various professions. He finds interest in poetry.
1934 He makes first collges influenced by surealism
1937 First exhbition in Mozaeum in Prague
1940 He writes his first poems "Ody a variace"
1942-46 Co-founder of the Group 42" union of czech artists and wrieters
1948 Travel to England and Scotland, he translates W.Whtman and E.L. Maters
1949 First  attempt at a visual interpretation of his poems
1950-51 He makes experimets with different forms of collage, works simultaneously with visual and verbal poetry