Jindra Husariková - Painter

Jindra Husariková


Academic painter Jindra Husáriková, born in 1931 in Ústí nad Labem.
After visiting the National ceramic school in Teplice, she studied in the yars 1949 - 1954 with Prof. Jan Bauch at the Art Academy in Prague. After many collective and individual exhibitions, first in the former Czechoslovakia, then in 1969 first exhibition in Paris,follwed by further in Sweden, Norway, Italy and Germany. Most  recently she presented her work in Centre of he European Union in Brussels.
At the National Exhibition in Naples in 1974 Jindra Husáriková won the Gold Medal, in1980 she awarded by the International Art Society Vanvitelli in Naples the honory title - Academico honoris causa - , in 2000 the price of Masaryk Academy in Prague.
Her works are represented not only in private collections, but in the collections of Czech as well as international galleries.